Ariane Encore

At a glance

  • Transparent, artefact-free sound

    courtesy of sophisticated IDR window-gating technology. The Ariane reacts quickly, or if not necessary, doesn’t react at all

  • RMS audio leveling

    keeps your audio loud and consistent, with a touch of stereo enhancement if required

  • Unique dynamic release window gating

    system freezes gain control for 90% of the time, giving fast-response but impossible to ‘hear in operation’ audio level control

  • Multimode operation

    provides flexibility, with Sun and Difference mode providing controllable stereo enhancement while reducing multipath interference for FM stations

  • Plan B Silence elimination

    automatically switches to standby audio sources – keeping your broadcast on air

  • Remote Listen

    allows you to monitor your station from a distance

  • Flexible and versatile alert and actions system

    bring together rear panel GPIO at digital or analog levels of your choosing, integrating it with intuitive ‘do this when’ and ‘do this now’ actions

  • HTML, FTP, Telnet, SNMP and RS232 connectivity

    interfaces with monitoring equipment or just acts standalone, allowing you to monitor and control your processor remotely, from anywhere in the world!


WORKS SO FAST IT'S UNDETECTABLE Using sophisticated IDR window gating technology, it knows exactly when to step in and react, working only occasionally and incredibly quickly, so unlike most other processors, with Ariane Encore you get the result without hearing the work. This award-winning AGC is ideal for pre-processing levels in front of your existing audio processor, your an STL, or your internet radio stream. 
MULTI-MODE OPERATION Ariane Encore has built in flexibility with a multi-mode operation that allows the unit to be configured to your specific needs. Matrix mode (sum and difference) for example, provides controllable stereo enhancement and multipath reduction for FM radio stations. 
INTELLIGENT BACKUP AND MONITORING With PlanB silence detection and source switching as standard, Ariane Encore can automatically revert to auxiliary sources or onboard flash memory if the signal problems arise, keeping you on-air at all times. Our latest remote control and monitoring software allows you to interact with your processor from anywhere in the world and even listen in over an IP connection in real-time. 
FLEXIBLE AND ALERT Our all new intuitive alarms and events system allows you to assign intelligent actions to any rear panel (digital or analog) GPIO level event. Take complete control over each alert by mapping the event to a set of ‘do this when’ and ’do this now’ actions for the most versatile and customizable alert configuration possible. 
ULTRA CONNECTIVITY The Ariane Encore will interface easily into your existing setup with both analog and digital I/Os in the form balanced XLRs. 
BEAUTY AND BRAINS The front panel is machined from a single block of aluminum with a high contrast OLED displaying the menu system and tri-coloured LED blocks providing clear, real-time metering. The 3 silicone soft keys work dynamically with the display to control the most significant functions and there are instant ‘active’ and ‘bypass’ buttons to easily and instantaneously preview the processing effects.