VHF Band FM AVP 02 02 42x

AVP 02 02 42x

Panel antenna with double dipole and reflecting grid wholly in hot dip galvanized steel.
Directional irradiation pattern, high gain.
Suitable for medium and high power stacked-array or 90°coupling antenna systems in FM band.
Connector: EIA 7/8”flange, DIN 7/16 female.

WORKING BAND: 87.5÷108 MHz
AVERAGE GAIN: 5.5 dBd (9.7 dBi) mixed polarization
VSWR (worst value): ≤ 1.13:1 (-24.3 dB)
POLARIZATION: vertical (horizontal upon request)
MAX POWER: 5000 W (single carrier)
CONNECTOR: EIA 7/8” flange