About us

TVV Sound has been helping radio producers and DJs to shine for 15 years. Because as a radio producer or animator you can only fully enjoy your talent if the technique is right. We know from experience, because we have been in your shoes (*)

From our headquarters in Eke-Nazareth we support more than 140 stations in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Africa. Going from local radio to national commercial radio and public broadcasting. In the segment of professional audio, we work for both small-scale trade and mega dance temples, large companies and public institutions.

In 15 years time, TVV Sound accomplished following expertise:

- We build radio studios, where acoustics, audio processing and usability of the equipment is tuned to your format, staff and audience.

- We build, maintain and operate transmitter sites and place antennas and microwave links.

- We make sure all legal and technical requirements are OK and we help you with your VRM and BIPT contacts.

- We import and we are (exclusive) distributor of Broadcast equipment for Belgium and France, we actively look for the 'best buy'. Make sure you look around this site to see what we have to offer.

TVV Sound is now 15 years young and the passion for radio and pro audio is still as strong as day one. The most important thing we have learned in those 15 years, is that we are not just selling a product, our job is to make sure you sound as optimal as posible for your listeners/visitors. And that is why we're doing this.

Edo Dijkstra

(*) Where does the name 'TVV Sound' come from?

Answer: Edo Dijkstra, CEO of TVV Sound, worked in the past as an animator/radio producer using the pseudonym 'Tony Van Vlaanderen' (TVV) (Tony From Flanders). The past is forgotten, the name remained...