WinMedia - WinLogger

WinLogger is an archiving tool specifically designed for the needs of radio and television broadcasters.

WinLogger is a multichannel audio recorder and logger automation software that allows the automatic archiving and exportation of your programs to a database, ftp site, Podcast or other supported media (CD, DVD). WinLogger is a complete tool that contributes to the improvement of your productivity.


Winlogger also offers a variety of tools to participate in the productivity of your radio by offering various possibilities such as: Editor,Burner,Player, podcast, stream.

  • Archiving for the authorities and for later rebroadcast
  • Blank detection with alarms
  • Recording up to 32 mono or 16 stereo channels
  • Various sampling quality : from telephone to cd
  • Vocal server and remote vocal recording
  • Recording of satellite feeds
  • Scheduling for Show recording in high quality
  • FTP audio files downloading
  • Manual or automatic export to cd / dvd
  • Automatic scheduling of Rebroadcasts
  • Audio broadcast failure detection
  • Internet/Remote player for consultation
  • Burning to cdrom or dvdrom
  • Auto log-in after power down


Audio Scan is an included module in WinLogger that is designed specifically to analyse and recognize audio. It performs searches in audio and video formats, then is able to generate full detailed reports of the number of times a audio or video file was recorded. This is the perfect tool for true broadcast reconcilition.

Scan and control your competitors broadcast
A simple and powerful tool that allows the monitoring of music and ads programming through quantitative detailed analysis. Simply tag a track or spot, run a WinMeeting Audio Scan and generate a full rotation report on when that ad or track was broadcasted.

This product is aimed at professionals including:

  • All companies wishing to analyse the impact, and correct broadcast of their advertising campaigns.
  • Governing control body of any media.
  • Marketing companies looking to analyse the media market and advertizing possibilities
  • Media companies looking to analyze content and music of the competition.
  • Recognition performance algorithms.
  • Recognition of video sequences.
  • Collective team environment allowing different users access tot eh same logging and recognition segments (management group of media, etc...
  • Pooling calculations (deployment module cluster calculations).
  • Export settings and configurations.