Elettronika DATX

The DATX (Digital Audio Transmitter) is the new professional solution offered by Elettronika to the FM Radio broadcasters demanding for top quality audio broadcasting at a very competitive price level. 

The extensive use of high-level Digital Signal Processing gives DATX unique features in the audio broadcasting world. The native AES/EBU input module guarantees pure digital quality avoiding the conversion from an analogue source and a legacy analogue input assures top performances even with standard analogue audio.
The FM modulation is implemented by an innovativedirect-RF synthesis algorithm with sub-Hz accuracyonto an FPGA-based digital processing core.

The result is a frequency-agile 30/100/300/500/1000/3000/5000W transmitter with immediate installation procedure, allowing operators to broadcast their audio content with excellent purity and maximum reliability.

Moreover, the total absence of analogue trimming points guarantees lifetime top performances and zero degradation due to component aging.

DATX can be locked to an external frequency reference signal for exact carrier allocation, also guaranteed by the absence of an intermediate frequency and of an analogue up-converter stage.
The pure digital audio sensation is obtained also thanks to a revolutionary Soft Limiter avoiding audio intermodulation peaks while safeguarding the integrity of the whole input dynamic range, and with the use of accurate signal processing allowing high full-band stereo separation and extreme signal-to-noise ratio.
The unit comes with a comprehensive set of inputs: analogue and digital audio, analogue MPX and additional wideband SCA and with an embedded RDS Generator fully programmable by a quick and easy user interface.
Everything is packed into a compact 2U case including the power amplifier, the microprocessor-based control section and a very user-friendly LCD interface, all accompanied by a very modern and fascinating exterior design.

Thanks to the all-digital implementation, DATX is lifetime firmware upgradeable through PC serial connection and is fully remotely controllable by means of different cabled or wireless telecommunications networks using Elettronika worldwide-known Remote Control System.
Elettronika equipment is severely tested with highly accurate and professional laboratory testing instrumentation and is guaranteed by the ISO-9001 Quality Certification which ensures a perfectly managed production phase. Elettronika equipment for Radio and TV broadcasting is currently used by valuable worldwide customers, which is the best certification for in-field performance over different operating environments.

  • Crystal Digital Sound purity
  • Fully Digital Signal Processing
  • Embedded RDS generator
  • Auto-calibration at power-on
  • FM and OIRT bands supported
  • Internal 32-bit Digital Signal Processing
  • Unbeatable price/performance ratio
  • Lifetime firmware upgradeable through PC port connection
  • Absolutely no analogue trimming points
  • Single-chip Digital Processing guarantees maximum compactness
  • Minimum BOM, maximum long-term reliability
  • Fully remotely controllable