Telos Profiler

ProFiler uses real Fraunhofer MP3 compression for great-sounding logged audio. Get rid of those clunky tape machines and walls of tape storage: ProFiler runs on a standard PC with Windows 2000 or  XP Professional. Archive to space-efficient CD-ROMs; share audio files with anyone.

ProFiler comes with a high-quality balanced-I/O audio card that records one stereo or two mono audio streams.Additional channels of program audio may be logged by adding more audio cards to the ProFiler installation. ProFiler records one stereo audio channel, expandable to as many as four stereo or eight mono channels per PC.

ProFiler's uses are endless:

  • Radio stations legally required to log program content

  • Production directors who assemble audio composites

  • Program hosts who want to archive their broadcasts for rebroadcast or Internet streaming

  • Commercial and program content verification

  • Log live events and contest lines

  • Record and analyze your competition for counter-programming

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