Linear Acoustic - Audio Loudness Manager for Mobile DTV

Providing quality audio for viewers watching and listening on mobile devices presents new challenges that the dedicated™ specifically addresses.  The dynamic range “comfort zone” used for mixing television audio for viewing on stereo or surround in-the-home televisions is far too wide for comfortable listening on typical earbuds or tiny speakers. Background noise is typically high in a mobile viewing/listening environment, and if the volume is increased for acceptable intelligibility on soft passages, loud passages run the risk of causing hearing damage. employs newly developed psychoacoustic processing that enables content to remain audible in noisy environments on small mobile devices. Two separate multiband processing cores accept mono, stereo, or Dolby® 5.1-channel station audio with full downmix support.  Loudness management is accomplished by your choice of fully automatic, metadata, or GPI control modes.  AES and HD/SD-SDI I/O are standard, and the platform is future-ready and fully upgradeable.

Spec Sheet