Linear Acoustic - AERO.qc Audio Quality Controller

AERO.qc® is a comprehensive quality control system that allows users to fix loudness problems automatically and in real time as audio enters the plant and is fed into the ingest server or in live production environments. 

Fully transparent and as automatic as desired, AERO.qc combines ITU-R BS.1770 loudness monitoring with Linear Acoustic's stellar AERO-style multiband processing and our UPMAX® 5.1 with AutoMAX™ upmixing algorithms.

Front-panel metering offers instant and easy-to-read feedback from the "Loudness Speedometer" and three adjustable ITU BS.1770 loudness meters with true peak-metering indicators.  A real-time 1/3rd or 1/6th octave spectrum analyzer, digital oscilloscope, and configurable session loudness logging tool round out the AERO.qc's long list of features.

AES and HD/SD-SD-I I/O are provided, along with GPI and front panel measurement controls and a VGA output for an external remote display.