Linear Acoustic - LA-5269 Dolby® Digital/Plus Transcoder

The LA-5269 Dolby Digital/Plus transcoder represents the ultimate in transcoding versatility, delivering the ability to encode, decode and transcode the most popular multichannel audio formats in use in television broadcast today in a feature-rich, highly modular 1RU package.

Features include frame synchronized AES inputs, SDI or AES-11 (DARS) reference, plus internal or external serial metadata. Coding is provided by a Dolby-manufactured encoder module featuring the latest versions of the codecs for superior sound quality.

Additional functionality can be added as needed via software, enabling support of additional encoding and/or transcoding flavors.

Metadata is supported via serial RS485 connection, and can be extracted from the vertical ancillary (VANC) space of an applied HD- SDI signal per SMPTE 2020. Metadata is frame synchronized and errors are corrected to prevent audible disturbances to the encoded bitstreams.

In addition to the comprehensive encoding, decoding, and transcoding choices, the LA- 5269 can be ordered with optional SNMP monitoring.  A bright LED display, rotary encoder, and four control keys provide for easy menu navigation.

Spec Sheet