The PA600 delivers a highly efficient amplifier and the power you need, all without breaking a sweat. Like all our FM Amplifiers, the PA600 brings across the functionality of its TX equivalent, including the gold clamp transistor technology and unparalleled reliability that users expect from BW Broadcast.

The PA600 was the first BW Broadcast amplifier to include our novel gold-clamp transistor technology, so that the most vulnerable components can be replaced in the field in minutes with no special tools.

The graphical LCD controller eases the management of power, as well as monitoring of key system variables. The rear panel has a BNC connector for RF input and RF output is via an N-Type socket.

The PA600 is based on a modern MOSFET device that is simple, stable and efficient. High power fans draw fresh air through the transmitter's heatsink to keep the transistor and amplifier cool. Amplifiers are protected from damage by temperature control systems and antenna fault (VSWR) monitoring which react to faults by reducing the output power to a safe operating level, keeping you on air rather than shutting down completely.

Need more power? Take a look at the PA1000, which shares the PA600's unique 'gold clamp' transistor clamping technology but brings slide in power supplies to the table for even further reliability and field maintenance.

An RS232 control and monitor system can be managed from a standard terminal program or BW Broadcast's included Windows application.