BW BROADCAST PA1000 FM Amplifier

At only 2RU and about as deep as its wide, the PA1000 breaks all the rules on 1 kW amplifier size. But the compact form factor is only one of the reasons our most advanced FM amplifier is so popular. It combines high performance with great value so you can increase your listener figures for less.

This power amplifier is much more than just an amplifier. When you combine the highly efficient design, with the slide in power supply and gold clamp transistor technology, what you get is the perfect FM amplifier for your station. Many of the worlds largest radio stations have a PA1000 on standby should the worst happen to their main transmitter. This simply comes down to the confidence that the PA1000 installs in its users. Quick to set up and reliable to the extreme, the PA1000 has put many stations back on the air in times of crisis.

Compact, lightweight and efficient, the PA1000 has an adjustable output from 25 to 1200 watts. Internal harmonic filtering keeps your RF signal clean and compliant with all applicable CE, FCC and EU regulations.

The PA1000 includes our novel gold-clamp transistor technology, along with a slide in power supply, so that the most vulnerable components can be replaced in the field in minutes with no special tools.

The graphical LCD controller eases the management of power, as well as monitoring of key system variables. The rear panel has a BNC connector for RF input and RF output is via an 7/16 socket.

The PA1000 is based on modern MOSFET devices that are simple, stable and efficient. High power fans draw fresh air through the transmitter's heatsink to keep the transistor and amplifier cool. Amplifiers are protected from damage by temperature control systems and antenna fault (VSWR) monitoring which react to faults by reducing the output power to a safe operating level, keeping you on air rather than shutting down completely.

An RS232 control and monitor system can be managed from a standard terminal program or BW Broadcast's included Windows application.

Need more power but want to keep the same lightweight and durable design? Then the PA1500 may be for you.