DEVA Broadcast | DB4000 - FM Radio Monitoring Receiver

DB4000 is the most cost effective unit for permanent monitoring of the quality and continuity of up to 50 FM Radio Stations with innovative features such as TCP/IP connectivity, audio streaming and automatic alerts on out of predefined ranges in regards with the ITU-R. In case of any faults in the transmission the maintenance staff will be immediately alerted via E-mail or SMS which allows to the technicians to restore a normal service as soon as possible. This tool enhances the radio stations' quality control management. 

DB4000 allows you through its TCP/IP and GSM (optional external GSM Modem) Connectivity to monitor all the RDS/RBDS and some other signal parameters from anywhere. You can easily receive the channel status or listen to the audio from anywhere, using your mobile phone. With the external Audio Stream Server option you can even listen to, skim and record the audio from any station.

DB4000 enables you to monitor your own frequency continuously and at the same time to be informed about your neighbouring stations. The included PC software 'DB4000 Device Manager' allows you to control unlimited number of field installed units, to observe from the monitoring sites all the parameters and measurement values of your network. 'DB4000 Device Manager' is a total control solution for remote monitoring networks. The map interface enables getting immediate and clear view of the monitoring location or to the whole network. Due to the universal cartographic interface any kind of maps can be used. Using the map interface the user is allowed, by a flashing red light, to see quickly which site has an alarm on it. He can access the equipment and the alarm directly from this map just with a click on the desired location.

  • FM Band 87 - 108 MHz Basic Spectrum Analyzer
  • Selectable wide/narrow IF bandwidth
  • MPX, PILOT & RDS deviation meters
  • Built-in Stereo Decoder; Stereo Presence Detection
  • LEFT and RIGHT demodulated audio level meters
  • Accurate front-panel metering for local use
  • Headphones audio output
  • RDS and RBDS decoder with BER meter
  • 19'' Professional Case for high RF immunity
  • TCP/IP Remote management and control via Internet
  • Very Intuitive Application Interface
  • Alarm dispatch via E-mail and/or SMS
  • RF and RDS Measurements
  • Remote Listening via optional GSM modem
  • Optional Audio Program MP3 Streaming
  • Archived readings for unlimited time
  • Alarm centralization
  • Cartographic interface with site location
  • Remote Site configuration
  • Separate Database for each site