DEVA Broadcast | DB5000 - RDS/RBDS Decoder Reader

The DB5000 recovers the additional inaudible RDS information which is transmitted by FM radio broadcasting stations and operates in accordance with all the European RDS and The American RBDS standards and specifications. 

The device is made up of two sections: Purely digital RDS demodulator module with cascaded antialiasing and 8th order bandpass filter for precise RDS band selection. The demodulating section performs the extraction of RDS data stream coming from the MPX composite and direct 57kHz input and built-in FM Stereo tuner module with own RDS/RBDS decoder for off-air reception. The DB5000 can be used like very simple spectrum analyzer for remote investigating the FM Band via Internet. The composite port is suitable for connecting to any MPX output of any FM receiver or modulation monitor.

The RDS data is displayed on a superb 2x40 character LCD. It shows program service name, format and program IDs, alternative frequencies, RDS clock, TP and TA flag status, scrolling 64 characters long radio texts and in-house messages, traffic and emergency alerts. A rear-panel TCP/IP port allows remote using the unit and further analysis or archiving of received data. The DB5000 meets all the European CENELEC and American NRSC standards.

  • Full feature RDS and RBDS decoder
  • FM Band 87-108 MHz Basic Spectrum Analyzer
  • Very high RDS Demodulation Quality
  • High Performance 8th order 57 KHz Bandpass Filter
  • Purely Digital RDS Demodulation
  • Accurate digital readout of subcarrier injection level
  • Front-panel LCD screen
  • COM & USB Connectors for Local Connectivity
  • TCP/IP Connector for Remote Connectivity
  • Front-panel Keyboard for Local Setup
  • External composite MPX and RDS input
  • Built-in Tuner
  • E-mail Notifications on low RDS/RF Level
  • Any Web Browser becomes a remote station
  • Easy installation and operation