Yellowtec iXM

iXm is a handheld field recorder and real reporter microphone made for and by Broadcasters. iXm delivers perfect sound, enables simple and silent recording, and performes robust with double power.

iXm always sounds right

  • Interchangeable microphone heads with omni-directional, cardioid and super-cardioid pick-up patterns
  • Capsules made by German specialist Beyerdynamic (electret) for high speech intelligibility and low handling noise sensitivity
  • Capsule detection for automatic DSP adaptions (e.g. gain)
  • Mic preamp - state-of-the art - feeding two 20bit ADCs
  • Intelligent levelling of unmatched reference quality 

Recording - simple and silent 

  • Just two buttons 'Record and Stop' enabling one finger operation  
  • Marker setting - silent on the fly
  • Dashboard with 3 bright LED indicators for recording, remaining power and free memory status 

Up to 14 hours of operation

  • Dual power layout:
  • Up to 8 hours with built-in Li-Ion battery
  • Up to 6 hours with 3 x AA batteries in battery compartment
  • Virtually unlimited memory:
  • Changeable SD memory cards formatted FAT32
  • SDHC standard supported: up to 16 GB
  • Audio file formats: WAV, BWF, MP2
  • MP2 bit rates: 64 - 192 kbit/s (mono)
  • Recording time: approx. 3h of uncompressed audio per GB 

Essential interfaces 

  • Headphone output (green mini jack) for live monitoring and playing back previously recorded audio files
  • Integrated voice messaging system for announcing track IDs during playback
  • Separate playback keypad for easy navigation
  • Line input (yellow mini jack) for line levelled audio (e.g. provided by a slit box)
  • Mini USB port for recharging built-in Li-Ion accumulator battery, for dumping audio files from iXm's SD card to a PC and for configuring iXm via powerful software (engineer's tool)

- Total length: 255mm

- Length mic head: 70mm

- Diameter mic head: 50mm

- Diameter recorder: 38mm

- Min. total weight: 375g