Spinner Connector BNC

The BNC connectors are manufactured in versions with 50Ω and 75Ω of characteristic impedance, which are compatible with one another.

The 50Ω version can be used for frequencies up to 10GHz, with optimum transmission properties achieved up to 3GHz.

The BNC coupling nuts have the known spinner profile with good grip and a bayonet housing supported by stainless steel springs. The bayonet nut is a milled part, which keeps wear very low, even after more then 10 000 mating cycles. Spinner uses high-strength copper alloys for all spring-loaded contact parts, thus ensuring superior contact performance. The connection is closed by a quarter turn of the coupling nut. That makes the connection especially suitable for all applications in PC networks, wireless and video technology and in laboratories, i.e. wherever connections need to be made quickly and frequently.

BNC technology is also widely used for transmitting low-power DC and low-frequency AC.

Usually connections to measuring devices such as oscilloscopes, frequency meters or function generators are made using BNC technology.