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WinMedia Software Suite

As an automation software suite, WinMedia offers broadcasters a wide range of modules and functionalities. Because it's a total solution it offers all the necessary tools required by today's state of the art radio and Tv stations that is why we decided to include a complete production suite in our automation software, and it is all included in a single windows icon. 

Various tools are offered in several workspaces and modes; ranging from Live-assist, media asset management, multi-radio & multi-zone management, production to complete automatic program generation. Production and creation begins and ends with the ability to organize and categorize all media files in a native format in the database. The importance of a powerful database that runs on an SQL engine facilitates all other tasks. Some of the tools available for production in WinMedia are : Database, Recorder, Grabber, Mixer and Editor.

The tools for scheduling, are Playlist, Music generator, traffic ads, reports, statistics, and historics

For broadcast, you'll find the Player, the program and the cartridge

- Each integrated tool serves a specific function and works in the native media format to assure the best quality. The Recorder is adapted to record any line-in cabled to the sound card or video card. WinMedia’s codecs and encoders assure quality and format allowing a single click save into the desired database category.

- The Mixer is utilized in several modes, as a simple and presise way of setting default mix point including start/end, intro/outro, hook and loop points. It also allows to adjust time stech properties and volume control for each respective audio file. The Grabber will rip any ISO encoded CD while adding the meta data including the CD cover for each desired track.

- The 8-track fast edit Editor combines speed and versatility to any journalist to create, prepare and edit their project. It is by no means designed to replace dedicated production sound editors like ProTools, Soundforge or even Audition.

- Its windows shortcuts to all funtionalities, ability to line-in record, save endless multi-track projects,time stretch and single click saving into a database category while working it the radio’s native audio format makes it a journalist best friend! Other simple tools found in the properties of the database include normalization and trimming.

- The addition of each specifically designed tool allows the user to spend more time worrying about creation and content while guaranteeing top audio quality.


This is the system's mastering tool. With it you can simultaneously edit one video track and up to eight audio tracks, with each tracks able to contain multiple blocks. Cut, Copy and Paste operations are done in real time. 

The different tools can be used to manage volume curves, to cut and merge blocks, to define the final duration of a work (by applying a time stretching filter), or simply to apply effects. When the layout is complete, it can be saved as a masterized project or as a title in the Database. Editor combines speed and versatility to any journalist to create, prepare and edit their project.

Mixer (Voice Track)

This function is essential to manage the sequencing of the various audio and video sources.

This function defines mixing values using fades in and fades out, jingles incorporation, or voice tracks recording for pre-recorded programs. You can listen and visually preview the elements and transitions defined. This new mixing tool allows the possibility of adding 2 voice tracks to 1 track Mixer can be utilized in several modes, as a simple and precise way of setting default mix point including start/end, intro/outro, hook and loop points. It also allows to adjust time stretch properties and volume control for each respective audio file.



A power of music programming unmatched Music Clocks

Music scheduling is generated by specialized mathematical algorithms. Rotation constraints and sequencing rules can be applied on the Database's categories or titles. The scheduling then takes place, according to a predefined clocks. This module also integrates statistics and can export broadcast histories. This module also supports the centralized management of multiple stations working under a WinMedia environment.



This application is one of the most important parts of the software for private stations, it's the way to ensure the management of their first source of revenue...

The campaigns could come from the ads booking tool WinBizz or could be inserted here directly, with a full grid that allows you to copy and paste a week-planing in several weeks for an entire campaign or for several stations at the same time.

A powerful and user friendly program fearuring multi-areas ads management which allows broadcasters to manage ads and sponsorships nationaly and/or locally.
The applet includes a complete customer details contact management tool, spot labeling for ad rotation (sector of activity, voice, music) and campaing details including contract numbers, national or local sponsorships which allows to book the spots either by day, by hour, by time zone or even by break, with support for automatic or manual ads rotation.

The user can manage up to 16 different stations radio or Tv and ads zone on a single workstation, which means more opt-outs, more ad time and more revenue with a minimun additional investment.

This module can calculate the cost of a campaign according to the number of ads and the broadcasting schedules while integrating ads space reservation.

It also offers the creation and printing of affidavits, broadcast reports as well as export of data to accounting softwares.

The filling algorithms can produce uniform duration of ads breaks on all zones by either using promotion messages or by time-stretching some messages in real-time.

Therefore this ads traffic module can manage 8 different radios and ads zone on a single workstation, which means more opt-outs, more ad time and more revenue with a minimun aditional investment.

text editor  


This tool can be software or hardware with the possibility to be linked to external hardware like a RAMI cartridge. 

It offers an endless amount of hot keys loaded by a simple drag and drop from the database.


The ultimate step before broadcast.

It enables you to control the duration of the different sequences by hours or by day depending on the calendar and broadcasting zone.
New elements can be add using simple drag and drop from any other software module. Mixing and voice tracking are also created here. This module can also defines all kind of breaks or activations sequences.

The playlist lets you mold the schedule and link the different liners while controlling the physical presence of the medias on the broadcasting server.

Multi Area ADS

The WinMedia software can handle up to 8 programs on the same workstation, generating more and more revenue for broadcasters.

The structure of the database could allow you to have many media program and ads area program. With WinMedia, you could split your main program by broadcast different ads in function of you town or zone. The player Engine coupled to the Console tools.

This module offers you the possibility to have a grid of 8 inputs and 8 outputs, to autofade for exemple one main program, a codec from a external show from a night club, of a concert, or manage different On Air studios with area programs. This option permits you to send from the head office of your station, a mix with the main program and the local content.


Control Graphics

In colaboration with newtek we work with the Tricaster XD 300 or XD 850, the video server WinMedia pilots and sends commands to allow the load of virtual studios.

WinMedia TV suite schedules and manages video files while Tricaster offers live switching, live virtual sets, web streaming, real-time keying, titling. It is all integrated with everything you need for production, post-production, and graphics.

Other effects and funtionalities are available including the incorporation into the final image of sms banners, which creat dynamic games of provide news.

Tricaster also allows the creation and manangement of virtual studios, using templates and scenarios.



Internet management is more and more prevalent in the world of Media. That's why we have created tools for IP transfer and sharing of WinMedia's data and soundfiles over networks.

Our tools are based on internet technologies like VPN (Virtual Private Network) and FTP synchronization.

Synchronizing ads, music, history, and several other WinMedia's elements within a network of stations helping to optimize ressources and time.

Also the possibility to access WinMedia Playlist data through a webserver, that offer you an open achitecture via a Web Sdk or via WinBizz Playlist module.

Secured collaborative extranet: voice-track insertion and production.


WinTransfer is an application dedicated to the transfer of sounds via Internet and FTP web server. It makes it possible to make scenarios of these transfers under all the standard formats of the market: Mp2, Mp3, Wav, G711, WMA.

The transfer can be configured to be sent from a loval directory or directly of the databases of WinMedia 2.10 or WinLogger, towards a directory located on an FTP server.
The reverse is also possible, i.e. to download files and to deposit them on directories of the local area network.

In addition it integrates a powerful tool for conversion which offers all the rates and frequencies for each audio format.

WinMedia offer one integrate solution call "podcast" that allow you to download news, voice track pre-recorded and push on FTP

This tool is very simple and running alone to every hour you need to update your files

Podcast is the perfect application to manage your Podcast, shared production forums, convertion of audio files in all formats, for broadcasters or end users.