Axel Technology - DML Audio


DML AUDIO logging system features non-stop recording, long term archiving, content browsing and media export/conversion.

DML AUDIO records audio feeds coming from the widest range of sources (RF, antenna, decoder, stereo line etc.) and stores them on hard disk (recordings stay on line depending on hard disk capacity, usually 30/60/90 days as required by laws in most of the countries).

DML AUDIO system is totally maintenance free and the oldest recordings are automatically overwritten by the newest ones.

DML AUDIO is designed for:
- Radio broadcasting law obligations
- Customer advertisement certification
- Real time monitoring of radio programs
- Audio quality surveillance
- Streaming over Internet
- Competitor surveillance

  • Single & Multi-channel audio recording
  • Capture in Mp1, Mp2, Mp3,Wma, Wav, etc...
  • Free player with calendar for audio retriving
  • Alarm notification via E-mail and SMS
  • Languages: ENG, ESP, ITA, FRA, and more
  • Archive any logging period 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 days...
  • Export to CD, DVD, e-mail...
  • Accurate GPS Date and Time synchronization
  • Audio Streaming over IP for maintenance e surveillance