Telos ONE-x-Six Six-line system


The ONE-x-Six has all of the telephone interface and control equipment needed for talk show programming. A single rack mounting unit houses both a Telos ONE digital hybrid and a six-line, broadcast phone system. For system control, the ONE-x-Six uses either our desktop Switch Consoleor Assistant Producer software.

To meet the needs of smaller facilities, we have made the ONE-x-Six very easy to install. Phone lines are connected using standard RJ-11C modular plugs. All Switch Console features found in our larger systems are fully implemented. A standard telephone set may be used for call screening.

The ONE-x-Six provides clean, quiet, and reliable switching of multiple telephone lines. Phone lines may be directly connected without intervening phone equipment. With the ONE x Six, successful talk shows sound great, are easy to produce, and won't cost a fortune in hardware. The basicONE-x-Six may be expanded with the addition of a second Switch Console or a second hybrid for improved conferencing.

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