Linear Acoustic - AERO.1000 Audio/Loudness Platform

The AERO.1000™ is a high density, metadata-based transmission audio loudness platform that comprises up to eight Linear Acoustic AEROMAX® audio processing engines in a single 1RU package.

Each of the available processing cores includes the renowned UPMAX® upmixing algorithm and compensating video delay, and can be optionally configured with Dolby® decoders, Dolby encoders, and Nielsen Watermark encoders.

The AERO.1000 is also the first product to feature Linear Acoustic CARBON™ Hybrid Processing, a patent-pending hybrid between multiband techniques and metadata control.  This process takes full advantage of the new version of the dynamic range control already found in the Dolby® Digital signal, allowing broadcasters to choose between keeping permanent control over dynamic range when necessary or allowing reversible control for high-quality, trusted programming.

The AERO.1000 can handle up to 64 channels of encoded or baseband audio via AES, SDI, analog, or optional DVB-ASI.

Spec Sheet