Linear Acoustic - AERO.lite / AERO.lite SDI Transmission Audio Loudness Manager

Designed for broadcasters who insist upon the quality of a Linear Acoustic product but don't need the ability to handle multi-channel audio, the AERO.lite™ 2-channel (stereo) transmission audio loudness manager represents a compact, budget-friendly solution to loudness problems and CALM compliance.

AERO.lite is available in two configurations, the standard AERO.lite and AERO.lite SDI™.

  • AERO.lite offers SDI, AES, and analog I/O in a single 2-channel (stereo) processing instance.
  • AERO.lite SDI offers only SDI I/O (no AES or analog) with dual 2-channel (2+2 or 1+1) processing instances.
Both versions can extract audio from any applied SDI pair and re-embed processed audio into any or all SDI pairs. Both offer loudness control via the renowned Linear Acoustic AEROMAX processing engine. 

A bright OLED display, front-panel headphone jack, and GPI/O alarms and controls are standard.

Options include:

  • Redundant external power supply
  • ITU-R BS.1770 loudness meter
  • SNMP monitoring

 Spec Sheet