Omnia One FM & AM

Omnia ONE features the same processing topology that made the original Omnia processors famous, but at a price which is remarkably affordable. Available for FM, AM or Multicast applications. Application can be changed with simple software download, so your investment is ready for present and future utilization.

Omnia ONE FM Features:

  • Wide-band AGC for smooth, “hand on the pot” gain riding.
  • Four-Band AGC to add dynamic EQ enhancement for consistency and to build density before the limiter stages.
  • Five-Band peak limiter using feedback limiters for the lower two bands (optimized for bass punch and lower mid-range warmth) and feed-forward limiters for the upper two bands. (optimized for sparkling upper mids and highs)
  • Time-aligned, dynamically flat crossover.
  • Selectable phase rotator.
  • Advanced, fully distortion-controlled pre-emphasized final limiter / clipper.
  • Integrated digital stereo generator with advanced peak control, two composite MPX outputs, SCA input and 19kHz output.