Omnia ONE Multicast

The OmniaONE Multicast- Omnia's new second generation audio processor for coded audio, featuring the exclusive SENSUS audio conditioning technology. Most likely, multicasting is either happening at your station now or is in your near future. A whole new way to get your message out there! But just think about how little bandwidth each channel will get.

If this concerns you (and it should), you need to consider Omnia Multicast.

We designed Omnia Multicast with exclusive SENSUS technology to minimize artifacts as well as restore the fullness and depth that bit-reduction steals Our DSP gurus teamed up with the codec experts at Telos, the folks who introduced broadcasters to MP3 and MPEG AAC, and together, they developed SENSUS, a unique way of processing your audio to pre-condition it for HD Radio multicasting, specifically tailoring it for the bitrate that you will be using.

Like all Omnia processors, OmniaONE Multicast gives you maximum flexibility to create your exact signature sound, even under the limitations of bit reduction.

Sporting a brand new platform with more power than its predecessor and only a single rack-space in height, the OmniaONE Multicast features a Widebank gain rider followed by Four Bands of AGC, Four Bands of limiting, SENSUS and Omnia's proven low-distortion look-ahead Final Limiter. Other tech features include time-aligned, dynamically flat crossovers, selectable phase rotator, analog, AES3 and Livewire I/O, automatic input failover on loss of audio, Ethernet, RS-232 modem and GPIO remote control. Multicasting isn't the only bit-reduced stream that can benefit from OmniaONE Multicast. Satellite uplinks, Internet broadcasting, cellcasting - anyone producing realtime audio for coded channels can benefit from the audience-grabbing sound that's made Omnia the first choice of broadcasters everywhere.

Omnia Multicast. Multicast like you mean it!